Since the inception of the Techwarrior Brand and Techwarrior Technologies Products and Services it has long been our dream to bring coffee into the mix. With our founder and his love of coffee, and also the perfect mix of techies and coffee. It has taken us 8 years to finally achieve this dream. Along with being able to bring you a quality product and only the best coffees that our founder himself tests and approves.
Our Initial Blend is the Warrior Wakeup a unique arabica morning blend ready to give you the good Warrior kick to wake you up! And Now Introducing the Ethiopian Warrior.

Wake Up Warrior, THE cat's meow

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5+ Stars!!!! TLDR: Buy this coffee now!! Ordered some Tech Warrior coffee on a whim. It was reasonably priced compared to prices in my area and it arrived promptly. Made some up the next morning. All I can say is "wow." This coffee has a flavor train which rolls across the palette like a thunderstorm rolls across the prairie. There is an elegant yet slightly bitter start with a buttery aftertaste which is reminiscent of doing a cannonball dive into a pool of sweet cream. This TechWarrior guy must be some kind of coffee roasting wizard because this stuff is magic. The flavor intensifies as the coffee cools. It makes Starbucks look like a two-bit corporate hack, and other specialty roasters pale in comparison. Can't wait to try out the rest of his lineup!

Yummmm......... refreshing!

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This coffee is delicious. The flavor definitely different from your usual bitter, over roasted standard coffee you get from the grocery store. It's taste fresh, smooth and has successfully swayed my die hard folgers fan at home. We are definitely going to have to order some more.
New Improved Packaging

Our latest roast batch we also are releasing new better packaging! Check it out!

New Batch Out with New Release of Ethiopian Warrior

Fresh Batch Of Techwarrior Coffee with the newly Released Ethiopian Warrior ready to go! Get yours Today!  

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